Starmount Life Insurance now in business in 49 states with its recent admission in New Hampshire.

“This means we are exactly where we want to be with our geographic spread, and looking forward to underwriting our first policies as Starmount Life in New Hampshire,” says Deborah Sternberg, executive vice president.

Starmount is the sister company and an underwriting partner of AlwaysCare Benefits, a national dental, vision, critical illness, accident, life and disability benefit plan provider.

The only state Starmount doesn’t cover is New York, and Sternberg says they are considering a move there so they will be in every state in the U.S.  “It is a long-term goal, however, and we’re more focused today on delivering life insurance [as Starmount Life] and dental, vision, critical illness, accident and other group benefits [as AlwaysCare Benefits] in the 49 states where we are admitted and Washington, D.C. than on gaining one more state admission.”

Admission to New Hampshire is just one of many recent accomplishments for Starmount and AlwaysCare, Sternberg says. Their greatest accomplishment, she says, was opening a new, 24,500-square-foot, company headquarters in Baton Rouge, especially impressive in the midst of rough economy.

“This move is a clear sign of our commitment to providing great coverage, benefits and service to our customers for years to come. We built the headquarters with the goal of being able to expand regionally and nationally as an independent, family-owned enterprise, and we remain firmly dedicated to that end.”

Additionally, says Rene Milligan, director of group marketing for AlwaysCare Benefits, the company recently has surpassed more than half a million members and dependents covered by AlwaysCare group benefit plans and launched new plans for both groups and individuals.

“We’ve had a track record of double digit growth for the last five years,” he says, so in the coming year “we’re definitely looking to keep that pace.”

“We’re really growing throughout the United States, but really focusing on growth in the Southern and Midwestern United States,” Milligan says.