Top health care reform stories

McKinsey unravels: The controversial McKinsey report released last week continues to garner attention for pro- and anti-PPACAers alike. Finding that one-third of employers will drop their health coverage after 2014, the report has been wielded like a club by GOP candidates attacking Obamacare. Despite the questions surrounding the survey’s methodology, a McKinsey representative told BenefitsPro this week that the group stands by their findings. BenefitsPro will continue to follow this story. Keep checking in on our “McKinsey watch” page for updates.

Waivers, not favors: A GAO report (pdf) released this week undercut Republican suspicion that the Obama administration has been handing out waivers disproportionately to allies to curry favor.

GOP candidates debate health care, not each other: GOP presidential candidates met in New Hampshire this week to debate each other, but spent more time attacking Obama and Obama’s health law (video) more specifically.

Top retirement stories

Advisor warning: The feds are coming! The DOL and IRS are stepping up enforcement efforts, stating that up to 77 percent of 401(k) plans are noncompliant in some form.

Fiduciary uproar gets louder: The industry continues to blast the DOL’s fiduciary proposal, declaring that it “misses the mark.” The Huffington Post claims that the issue has gone largely “under the radar of the media.”

Public speaking…no problem: A Gallup poll released this week found that lack of retirement funds is Americans’ biggest financial worry. In the meantime, advisors are worried that Congress will look to retirement plan tax benefits to cut the deficit.

Top HR stories

HSA enrollment surges: According to an AHIP report, HSA enrollment jumped 14 percent this year.

Companies care about benefits again: A Bank of America report released this week suggests companies plan to enhance their benefits offerings in the wake of the recession.

Employee caregivers at risk: According to a MetLife study, more employees are taking time off of work to care for aging parents, thus putting their own retirement plans in jeopardy.

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