Perhaps young Americans are siding with Rick Perry on Social Security. It turns out more millennials trust their pillow’s a safer place for their money than in the hands of the government.

Generation Opportunity reports 66 percent of young voters indicate their Social Security money is safer with them rather than in the U.S. Treasury. Republican presidential candidate Perry made headlines for speaking out against Social Security, calling it a “Ponzi scheme” and a “monstrous lie,” since younger Americans may never get back their contributions when they retire.

“Young people are looking at a situation where the economic challenges and limited opportunities they face today potentially extends to the end of their careers, where there is zero assurance Social Security will be there for them,” says Paul Conway, president of Generation Opportunity and a former Chief of Staff for the United States Department of Labor.

“Despite all of this, young adults are remain optimistic about their skills and their ability to contribute to the country—they are simply looking for competent leadership that respects their interests and places a higher value on unleashing America’s economic engine to more create jobs and economic opportunity.”

In the same poll, 69 percent say Washington does not reflect their interests and an additional 69 percent indicates the federal government should make tough decisions by making sacrifices right now rather than asking more of Americans struggling in an anemic economy.