Eighty-six percent of employers use social media, with 72 percent of employers using it for recruiting purposes, according to a survey conducted by SelectMinds.

Of the surveyed human resources professionals, 81 percent report using social networks to help them recruit candidates, with the two most popular sites being LinkedIn at 79 percent and Facebook at 63 percent. An additional 63 percent of respondents say their companies use corporate social networks for current employees while 40 percent purely employ them for recruiting. Another 33 percent of respondents have made alumni networks.

Besides recruiting, the report reveals that social media is being used for training and learning at 53 percent, HR benefits and incentives at 52 percent, event information at 52 percent and accessing news at 52 percent. Sixty-nine percent of respondents plan to add to their social media budgets, and 85 percent of respondents say they are actively planning to invest in social media.

When measuring the success of social media efforts, 66 percent of respondents rely on hires from these networks while 65 percent of respondents count website visitors, and 63 percent focus on Facebook fans.

“Corporations are beyond the leap-of-faith stage with their social media programs: They have them up and running and they know they are producing results,” says said Anne Berkowitch, CEO of SelectMinds. “They just can’t agree on how best to quantify them. The key now is to build the infrastructure necessary for firms to systematize their social media programs to produce real, measurable ROI. We look forward to being a big part of that evolution.”

The survey, ROI of Social Media in the Enterprise, was created in an effort to establish benchmarks for corporate use of both internal and external social networks.