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SCOTUS PPACA Day 3 (LifeHealthPro.com)

Death of a mandate: Why health care reform in America is over (The Huffington Post)

Jonathan Gruber, health care’s Mr. Mandate (The New York Times)

10 lesser known effects of health care reform law (CNN)

Companies that invest in employee education reap multiple benefits (Atlanta Journal Constitution)

Ideas on pensions include turning to states (The New York Times)

Should Hartford’s annuity holders be worries? (The Wall Street Journal)

Should your financial advisor be in jail? (The Motley Fool)

A financial dissident movement (The Huffington Post)

How much do you maintain in your 401(k)? (NPR)

Guy in charge of the economy has no idea why it’s getting better (The Atlantic)


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Waiting for the crackdown: DOL retirement plan enforcement to increase, by Andy Stonehouse

Almost 100 new enforcement agents, a new fiduciary standard in May and more than a billion dollars worth of fines and penalties last year? It’s time to pay attention, or legally shift your responsibilities.


History’s written by the victor, by Denis Storey

It’s gotta be a great time to be in D.C. this week. The atmosphere—at least from what I can tell based on the photos moving across the Associated Press wire service — looks almost festive.


The terrible twos, by Kathryn Mayer

A look at the good, bad and the ugly in honor of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act’s second birthday.


Health reform arguments: Best of social media, by Jenny Ivy

The Supreme Court’s three-day debate on health reform is an unprecedented platform for social media coverage and controversy. The dust hasn’t settled on Day One. Here’s the best from Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.


Is the DOL about to define fiduciary down?, by Chris Carosa

Fiduciary proponents wince as the DOL appears poised to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.


Most talked-about story on BenefitsPro this week: Most expect court to rule against individual mandate


Most popular story on BenefitsPro this week:  Six potential outcomes for health reform


Most circumspect reader on BenefitsPro this week

John Atwood: I recommend that people read the transcript at the same time as listening to the audio.  I do not see from that the PPACA is dead in the water.  I am not a supporter, but just saying don’t start celebrating too early.  The justices needed to ask tough questions of both sides, which they did.  But the fact that they questioned–especially that they questioned the Solictor General–didn’t strike me as meaning that they already had their minds made up against the mandate being constitutional.  It is a tricky question that is and should be decided on best understanding of the what the Framers intended, and what has been the history of applying the commerce clause.”  (In response to Justices signal deep trouble for health reform)


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