What’s the most prudent advice to a young client hoping to maximize his or her returns but not end up in the lost generation of Boomers, trying to recoup their post-meltdown losses?

According to Walter Updegrave at Money Magazine, it would be good to let younger workers know that the 401(k) is a no-brainer – contribute up to the level of the match from an employer, or else it’s money that’s simply being given away, but that Roth IRAs are a palpable tool.

Updegrave’s advice is to put money into the Roth rather than saving without a match in the client’s 401(k), as the Roth allows participants to take part in what he calls tax diversification – giving younger employees a better chance of managing their tax bill in retirement.

With the April 17 tax filing deadline approaching, it’s a strategy that might provide long-term benefits to those just starting out on their retirement savings planning, provided they follow through.