Prudential Group Insurance enhanced its Return to Work services to help employers manage absence costs and work force productivity, and provide support for employees returning from leaves of absence.

The company’s Return to Work program provides employers with absence and short term disability reports and customized worksite solutions. New tracking, validation and reporting capabilities give employers vital information about an employee’s leave status in real time. Reports about daily absences, the reason employees are out of work and their expected return date help employers plan and manage staff.

“Getting employees back to work sooner by focusing on what they can rather than can’t do benefits individuals and the entire company. We find that employees are often eager to get back to work even if it’s in a modified capacity or transitional role,” said Jim Porter, vice president of Disability Product Development with Prudential Group Insurance. “For the employer, a structure that supports a smooth transition can help manage costs and maximize productivity.”

Prudential’s Group Disability Insurance business services options include:

  • Assistance with the development of a Return to Work program based on an analysis of company resources, policies, culture and goals.
  • Clinical training and file review consultation for internal medical staff to better equip them to assist employees in matters of wellness and benefits.
  • Onsite dedicated vocational resource to facilitate all or selected return to work services, including on-site job analysis, frontline management coaching, and worksite accommodations.
  • Evaluation, analysis, recommendations and reporting on ergonomic options and implementation of a service delivery plan.
  • Training for managers on workplace accommodations, workstation modifications, flexible schedules, vocational resources, employee assistance programs and modified duty.