Employers have posted more than 10,000 online job ads for technology professionals skilled in cloud computing in August alone for an 80 percent growth from August 2011, according to WANTED Analytics, a source of real-time business intelligence for the talent marketplace.

WANTED Analytics finds that cloud computing is becoming an in-demand skills as more companies move data to virtual servers. Because of this switch, there is a greater need for talent to develop, manage and secure the flow of information online.

Among the most commonly advertised job titles for those requiring cloud computing skills are software engineer, senior software engineer, Java developer, systems engineer, network engineer, senior Java developer, systems administrator, enterprise architect and websphere cloud computer engineer.

Along with cloud computing skills, these job ads require multiple programming and technical skills with the most common being Linux, project management, Ruby, Android iOS and Ruby on Rails.

While cloud computing is wanted through the country, the top metropolitan areas looking for professionals with this experience are San Jose, Calif.; Seattle; San Francisco; Washington D.C.; and New York, WANTED Analytics reveals.

The Silicon Valley tops the country as far as volume of job ads goes for a total of 2,000 available during August. Still, New York City has experienced the greatest growth in demand over the past year as the number of job ads available during August was up 230 percent from August 2011.

Although cloud computing is expected to remain in great demand, the talent pool for this skill is limited, WANTED Analystics finds. In fact, employers nationwide spend an average of 6.5 weeks advertising jobs and sourcing candidates for positions using cloud computing, though the difficulty varies by location.

For instance, employers in San Francisco and Baltimore are facing the most recruiting difficulty as there is greater competition among organizations for this talent. In these cities, job ads are open for an average of 7.5 weeks. Of the cities with the least recruiting challenges for cloud computing talent are Little Rock, Ark., and Riverside-San Bernardino, Calif.