Most recruiters at 64 percent say their clients are somewhat educated when it comes to hiring in this market, according to a new poll by Top Echelon Network, a group of specialized search firms.

Another 9 percent of respondents say their clients are very educated while about 27 percent of respondents report their clients aren’t educated at all.

“What really jumps out is the fact that the percentage of recruiters that indicated their clients aren’t educated at all was nearly three times more than the percentage that indicated their clients are very educated,” says Matt Deutsch, communications coordinator of Top Echelon Network. “That’s quite a disparity. The problem for recruiters is this: There are companies that are not in tune with market conditions. They’re not aware of the challenges and obstacles that exist in terms of successfully finding and recruiting the talent they want. It’s not simply a matter of posting a job opening on the Internet or looking for candidates on LinkedIn.”

According to Top Echelon Network, hiring the right employees goes beyond access to a large pool of candidates or having a great opportunity. Rather, employers must be educated and knowledgeable about the market if they are to bring in the best talent. This does not only apply to trends within an employer’s industry but also to the marketplace as a whole.

“There are other challenges that exist, and unless companies recognize them and are proactive in their efforts to overcome them, then they could be missing out on the chance to hire top-notch candidates … and they might not even know it,” Deutsch says.