The job market in the legal industry experienced a slight 0.7 percent growth in 2012 with a net increase of 7,800 jobs, according to an analysis of the legal industry by The Connecticut Law Tribune.

While 2012 was better year for the legal job market than it was from 2009 to 2011, it remains years away from regaining the 60,100 lost jobs between 2008 and 2009, the analysis finds. Still, 2013 is expected to be much better than 2012 when considering the number of job openings. There are currently 3,275 positions open.

For this year, the top legal practice areas for jobs are corporate with 793 job openings; IP, tech transactions and patent agents with 755 job openings; litigation with 478 job openings; real estate with 231 job openings; and employment with 170 job openings.

Among the top geographic locations in the United States are California with 531 job openings, New York with 406 job openings, Texas with 214 job openings, Illinois with 210 job openings and Florida with 141 job openings. Globally, China is the largest foreign market for attorneys who want to work overseas as it posted 108 job openings while European markets combined for 150 openings.