A new study finds that most life insurance beneficiaries are satisfied overall with their claims experience, but it doesn’t mean the work is done for agents.

That’s because there is a greater opportunity when beneficiaries are “extremely satisfied,” LIMRA says.

“Life insurance companies are doing a very good job when it comes to paying claims,” said Jennifer Douglas, associate research director, LIMRA Developmental Research. “In our study we learned the distinction between a ‘satisfied’ and an ‘extremely satisfied’ beneficiary is profound. It could be the difference between receiving and not receiving additional business.”

LIMRA’s study, “The Moment of Truth: Individual Life Insurance Claimant Satisfaction,” revealed that compared to a “satisfied” claimant, an “extremely satisfied” claimant is nearly four times as likely to be very interested in doing business with the insuring company.

“Extremely satisfied” beneficiaries also are more than three times as likely to recommend the carrier, and more than twice as likely to feel strongly about the critical role life insurance plays following the death of a loved one.

To achieve this higher level of satisfaction, insurers may need to focus their efforts on more than just quick responses.

The report noted companies and agents can make a difference by making additional support services available, such as grief counseling, coordination of coverages and legal services.

LIMRA surveyed 4,242 life insurance beneficiaries who had received a death benefit from one of 11 participating carriers during the second quarter of 2012.

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