Bind is changing the way we think about health insurance. According to Tamra Lair, Chief Analytics Officer, Bind “took apart health insurance and “now it works,” Or more simply, consumers are getting “more of what they need and less of what they don’t.”. As the Bind analytics and reporting leader, Lair talks about how creating a more personalized health plan is benefiting everyone.

Health insurance had seen little change until Bind entered the market. According to Lair, Bind is changing how people think about health care as well as how they seek care. By providing cost clarity and a condition-first approach, consumers can make better decisions and achieve more affordable, intuitive and personalized care. Bind data shows that the vast majority of its members find their plan understandable. In an industry that is known to be complex and confusing to consumers, that statistic alone sets Bind apart. The cost savings are remarkable as well: Bind members’ annual out-of-pocket pharmacy and medical expenditures are less than half of the national average. Additionally, compared to industry benchmarks, Bind is seeing double-digit savings when it comes to total cost of care for members and employers.

Listen to Lair connect the dots by breaking down costs and the effect savings is having on consumer behavior.

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