Bind Benefits president Jodi Hubler offers her unique insight into the importance of health care choice and how consumers and HR professionals are taking health insurance design to the next level.

The digitization of health was supposed to make the consumer the epicenter of health care decision-making. But according to Bind Benefits president Jodi Hubler, “digital health care has created an abundance of noise and has instead, overwhelmed consumers.”

Hubler and the Bind team are revolutionizing the role consumers play and putting them firmly into the health care driver’s seat. Bind believes people deserve to see treatment options and compare costs in advance of care, so they can make informed choices that meet their personal needs for their conditions.

Humanizing consumer choice is a cornerstone of the Bind approach that helps drive their evidence-based treatment programs and provide resources that empower consumers with options. Hubler shares why choice is a fundamental right with almost every buying decision we make, and why choice in health care treatment is no exception.

Additionally, human resources and benefits leaders are becoming even more important players in the health care arena, and Hubler stresses their pivotal part in shaping health insurance design. “They provide expertise and recommendations for one of the most critical components in our lives: our health,” says Hubler. In this podcast, we explore how Bind is helping people shop for and buy health care with confidence—from the palm of their hand.

Listen now to Hubler’s insights on where Bind is taking health insurance design and the important roles that HR professionals, brokers and consumers will play.

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