Health Care Binders (Photo: Shutterstock)

Throughout the past several months, we’ve heard a great deal about the health care reform vision of now-president-elect Joe Biden. While not as radical as the Medicare for All movement championed by others in his party, his plans to lower the age of Medicare eligibility and add a public option still represent a major shift in how health care is accessed.

The coming weeks present a list of unknowns that will impact what health care will look like under the Biden administration: A runoff election in Georgia that will decide the makeup of the Senate, and the Supreme Court’s decision on the fate of the Affordable Care Act.

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All of this uncertainty poses a challenge for employers as they plan out their health care benefits for the coming year. In a recent webcast, Mercer asked HR professionals how their plans and priorities would change under a Biden presidency. Check out the infographic below to see what they said (Click image to enlarge).

Health care infogrpahic Click to enlarge | Source: Mercer