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[SPONSORED] The Alliance: Driving High-Value Healthcare for Employers and Their Employees

By The Alliance

Driving employees to high-value healthcare can improve quality of care while reducing costs for employees and their self-funded employers.

It's no secret that we are facing some complex challenges in healthcare today. Over 70% of employers expect moderate to significant cost increases over the next three years. Around 100 million in the U.S. are struggling with medical debt causing 62% of bankruptcy filings each year. And there is a projected shortage of 17,800 – 48,000 primary care physicians by 2034.

To put it simply, healthcare is becoming more expensive and more difficult to access. That's why at The Alliance, we're working to move healthcare forward and improve the value of healthcare for employers and their employees. We serve as the voice for more than 300 self-funded employers across the Midwest who want to offer their employees better benefits for less money.