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[SPONSORED] Why employers need to shift to an 'experience-first' benefits strategy


Employee benefit confusion isn't news to HR. From complex jargon to complex networks, the industry is anything but user-friendly. Businessolver's latest Benefits Insights data shows that 85% of employees are confused about their benefits – up 2 points from 2022.

But employees shouldn't have to be experts to engage with their benefits. They just need help connecting the dots from their needs to the benefits available to them. Prioritizing the employee experience with personalization tactics can help, from the moment they enroll in benefits to the moments they need to use them.

Today's consumer expects personalization and speed: 73% expect us to understand their unique needs and 83% expect a real-time response. These expectations shouldn't change when it comes to benefits. Layering personalization into the overall benefits experience can help HR and benefit administrators scale the value of their diverse benefits suite across the needs of their equally diverse employee population.