Empowering Your Clients: The Winning Approach to Group Retiree Healthcare Benefits


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Plan sponsors face many challenges around retiree benefits, including rising other post-employment benefits (OPEB) liabilities, plan and drug costs, heavy administrative workloads, and the pressure to enhance benefits while maintaining a stress-free retiree experience. It's on consultants' shoulders to address these challenges in a way that's also beneficial for their own business.

Join this complimentary webcast and learn how to strengthen your service offering and drive extra value for your clients. Topics discussed include:

• How consultants can help clients balance designing, managing, and implementing group retiree healthcare plans

• The state of Medicare today and headwinds in the industry

• Real examples and experiences demonstrating how brokers and consultants can help their clients navigate group retiree healthcare

• And more!

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Featured Speakers:

Rick Kaplan | Chief Growth Officer | RetireeFirst

As Chief Growth Officer, Rick Kaplan oversees RetireeFirst's growth acceleration and performance, including leading our teams in sales, client relations and marketing. Rick is mission-focused on helping others at a broad scale through innovative healthcare initiatives. Throughout his career, he has seen the importance of organizations providing hard-earned retiree benefits in enabling retirees to live healthy, fulfilling lives and be productive members of their communities.

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