Transamerica Asset Management, Inc. announced several enhancements to its fund offerings, including the addition of new retail mutual funds. On March 1, the company will introduce retail classes of Transamerica International Bond.

Initially opened as an institutional share class in December 2005, Transamerica International Bond seeks to obtain high total return by investing in high-quality, non-dollar denominated government and corporate debt securities of foreign issuers. With historically strong Lipper rankings and rated above average by Morningstar for overall returns, Transamerica International Bond is a natural fit into the Transamerica retail line-up. Transamerica International Bond is sub-advised by JP Morgan Investment Management, Inc. and will be available in Class A (TABAX), Class C (TABCX) and Class I (TABIX) shares.

“We remain committed to delivering unique and top-performing institutional strategies to the individual investor,” said Dave Paulsen, CEO of Transamerica Capital, Inc. “The introductions of Transamerica Logan Circle Emerging Markets Debt and Transamerica Tactical Income funds late last year have been very well received in the marketplace, and we are very confident that these new additions will resonate strongly with our partner firms, financial advisors and their clients.”

In the second quarter, Transamerica will launch:

Transamerica Emerging Markets Equity, sub-advised by ClariVest Asset Management LLC. The fund will provide investors exposure to growth opportunities in equity securities of issuers economically tied to one or more emerging market countries. ClariVest has been managing this strategy since 2006.

Transamerica Large Cap Growth, sub-advised by BNP Paribas Asset Management Inc. This will be the first opportunity for U.S. retail investors to access one of BNP’s investment solutions previously reserved solely for institutional and international investors. BNP has been managing this strategy since its inception in 2006.

Transamerica Small Cap Value, sub-advised by Lombardia Capital Partners LLC. Lombardia specializes in value investing in the small, mid, and large cap sectors of the U.S. equity market. Lombardia has managed this institutional portfolio since 2003 and its portfolio managers average 30 years of industry experience.

For more than 25 years, Transamerica Asset Management Group (TAMG) has provided investment solutions, asset management, fund administration and shareholder services for institutional and retail clients. As a globally recognized third-party asset manager, TAMG has more than $49.9 billion in assets under management and offers customers nearly 140 mutual funds and collective investment trusts.