Across the insurance industry, e-commerce has just begun to mirror the sales tactics of the many industries that have long been selling products and services online. Today, the insurance industry is feeling the pressure to excel in the online sales realm. Although the task is not easy, there are steps that will help ensure the best possible online experience for current and potential customers.

These are tips we’ve used at HCC Medical Insurance Services, an international travel medical insurance provider, which has become one of the first of its kind to sell coverage online.

In part one of this series, we talked about using your company’s website to make an impression online. In part two, we examined the use of new technology and social media. Now, let’s talk about customer service.

Without satisfied customers, a business is headed toward failure.

It’s the service provider’s job to ensure customers are satisfied with the services offered. Customer satisfaction can be built by addressing customer issues and concerns quickly and effectively.

The modern consumer is increasingly tech savvy and accustomed to conducting business transactions via social media channels. Consumers may be more likely to voice concerns via social channels instead of calling a traditional call center to register a complaint. For HCCMIS, a critical part of our customer service strategy has been implementing an online issues response plan. Regardless of your customer service strategy, the ultimate goal is gaining a lifetime customer. 

This goal can only be accomplished by providing top-of-the-line products in conjunction with a deeply personal and timely communication style similar to what consumers have become accustomed to through social media.

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Mark Carney is CEO of HCC Medical Insurance Services.