The Principal has launched a new set of online tools to help financial professionals help clients address their retirement gap.

Principal Retirement+ offers an online retirement gap calculator, one-on-one case design, analysis and presentation and post-sale support and ongoing administrative services.

“Financial professionals play a critical role in helping individuals determine their retirement readiness by identifying gaps and offering ways to save more,” said Patti Bell, director of Advanced Solutions for The Principal. “The world of supplemental retirement solutions can be overwhelming, which is why we created a simple process for financial professionals to get the help and tools they need, allowing them time to focus on their clients.”

The website leads financial professionals through the entire sales process, from identifying the savings gap to creating an action plan. They also have direct access to a team of CPAs, attorneys and plan design consultants with many years of experience in the business market. Professionals at The Principal will help financial professionals develop customized proposals to help meet each client’s needs.

“Our top-tier product portfolio includes products designed specifically for the business market with flexible funding options, coupled with traditional and innovative policy riders,” notes Bell.  “And, fast and easy underwriting will help financial professionals place their business fast and effectively.” 

The Principal Financial Group is a global investment management leader, including retirement services, insurance solutions and asset management.