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Here’s must-have information for human resources managers of global workforces and managers whose career trajectories take them from continent to continent: European workers swear at their bosses all the time, Asian workers hardly ever.

This precious intelligence comes to us from, a jobs website that invented National (as in Great Britain) Hug Your Boss Day. The British website surveyed folks around the globe to ascertain their frequently of cussing out their bosses. Even the rebellious Americans were far less likely than their Euro-counterparts to use foul language with inferring something negative about a boss. The bloody Australians, despite their heritage as a dumping ground for British wrongdoers, are far more loathe to swear at a boss than are Europeans or Americans.

Here’s the continental breakdown of boss-swearing probability:

  • Europe: 71 percent have done so

  • The Americas: 52 percent

  • Australia: 23 percent

  • Africa: 13 percent

  • Asia: 10 percent

Now, just in case you get posted to Great Britain and are wondering who’s more likely to cuss you out, offers this British Isles breakdown:

  • London & The South of England: 82 percent admit to having sworn at their boss

  • Northern England: 62 percent

  • Scotland: 61 percent

  • Ireland: 55 percent

  • Western England: 54 percent

  • Wales: 42 percent

  • Eastern England: 30 percent

Just so you’re clear: If you’re posted to Europe, London or the south of England, you’ll probably get your ears burned fairly regularly. Don’t take it personal, mate. Just what the bloody blokes there do. Elsewhere, they may be thinking it, but won’t be so likely to let it fly.