Uber employees’ opinions of the company mission, ethics and company culture all decreased in the past six months. (Photo: Shutterstock)

A leaked Uber employee survey reveals that while a number of positive employee responses were up from the last survey iteration six months prior, a few others fell—revealing that the company has more work to do on employee issues before its planned IPO.

USA Today reports that the survey, conducted every six months, garnered more positive responses to such questions as “I feel heard by my manager” (73 percent); “I feel secure about my job” (66 percent); “I feel fairly treated” (63 percent) and “Uber acts in a socially responsible way” (63 percent). Those, and others, were up in the October version of the survey, but other questions saw positive responses fall.

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Questions that included “I am passionate about Uber’s mission” got 77 percent, while “I feel I can report ethical or compliance violations without fear of retaliation” dropped to 71 percent and “I have seen positive culture change take place at Uber over the past six months” was down to 62 percent, according to Business Insider, which reported on the full findings.

Uber has had some tough times lately from employees who say—among other things—that they aren’t getting paid enough, as well as allegations that it “was a toxic work environment for women and that some of its aggressive business tactics may have been illegal.”

This past summer, a Reuters report said that employees of color alleged that Uber’s human resources department head Liane Hornsey, and her staff “ignored reports of racism”; after an investigation, Hornsey abruptly left the company.

Uber and Lyft are both vying for the opportunity to go public first; according to the report, some are estimating that Uber’s IPO could go as high as $120 billion.

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