In this episode of the Perspectives podcast, sponsored by Perky and hosted on, we’ll hear highlights from the June 15th presentation titled, How to Solve Benefits Communication Challenges

A challenge benefits brokers continue to face is helping clients communicate effectively with their workforce regarding available benefits.  With in-person and remote workers, new and long-term employees, a simple communication tool can clarify what is available, increase usage and improve onboarding. Different decision support solutions can facilitate benefits utilization and address employee concerns.

Jim Prekop, CEO of PeopleStrategy, Shelby George, JD, CEBS, CEO of Perky, and Samantha Smith, Director of Marketing at Perky, address solutions to help tackle clients’ communication concerns.

The full on-demand webcast can be found here:

Jim Prekop | CEO | PeopleStrategy

Mr. Prekop, a senior growth-focused leader, has proven success delivering exceptional results in developing and executing business and product development strategies and sales. His role has a continued focus on Client Acquisition and New Markets growth.

Shelby George, JD, CEBS | CEO | Perky

Shelby is an employee benefits evangelist and believes that benefits like health insurance, retirement savings, and life insurance play an essential role in improving consumers’ financial security. As an ERISA attorney turned CEO, her passion is using that knowledge to create new tools and resources to help workers make the most of their paychecks.

Samantha Smith | Director of Marketing | Perky

Samantha is focused on increasing awareness and utilization of employee benefits through the use of decision support and will act as the session’s moderator