• The Response

    So the Republicans throw up the youngest governor in the country, Louisiana's own? Savvy, if a little transparent. (I mean, is there any more Obama-esque Republican in the ranks?) Um, Gov. Bobby Jindal, we know Obama's story. (But, a

  • Comparisons

    I'm sorry, but comparing Katrina to today's economic meltdown is extreme. But I think we can all agree that the federal government's response to both has been lacking. At least we got to specifics, but I'd like less

  • Obama on ... Reform

    I guess we shouldn't be surprised we got to SCHIP first.

  • One last thought.

    One last thought: Why does transparency only get thrown at the insurance industry? When will we hold the providers to that same standard? Let's open the books of general practitioners, surgeons and emergency rooms.

  • Universal Access Vs. Universal Federal Health Care

    Universal access vs. Universal federal health care. That's a no brainer. But, again, not enough. When it comes to health care, tonight's speeches stuck with me like a bag of M&Ms. Pretty colors and tasty. But I'm already

  • Epilogue

    Well, that was quick. If tonight's speech is any indication, not only am I done, but the push for health care reform isn't nearly the priority of this administration that we all anticipated.

  • More on Reform

    While encouraging electronic health care records is something we've all longed for, it ignores the obstacles HIPPA still presents. Anyone for HIPPA reform? And how is a cure for cancer health care reform? Who's been lobbying against

  • William Glavin, Jr.

    William Glavin, Jr. has been appointed chief executive officer of Oppenheimer Funds Inc. He has headed MassMutual's U.S. Insurance Group since March 2006.

  • Obama on ... Transparency

    Health care - specifically providers - could learn a lot. We'll see if that translates into practice.

  • A couple of thoughts

    A couple of thoughts before the Republican response: The early count is 34 standing ovations from both parties, four from mostly Democrats and one from Republicans (that last one in response to the president's remarks about charter schools).