As the use of digital solutions to help educate, enroll and administer employee benefits becomes the norm, it’s up to benefits professionals to create the right balance between high-tech and high-touch, says Aflac’s Bob Ruff.

Throughout the pandemic, companies turned to technology to solve the challenges that came with social distancing and remote work. The employee benefits industry was no exception, with digital adoption rates accelerating as employers looked for solutions to educate and enroll a more virtual workforce.

However, when it comes to benefits engagement, it’s all about striking a balance between technology and the human touch, says Bob Ruff, senior vice president of Growth Solutions for Aflac.

“We should not be scared to adopt technology,” Ruff says. “There have been some great advancements to help communicate, to help simplify processes, and to help speed up submissions. But insurance can be complicated. Technology can’t replace the connection between people and the trust that builds when there are questions or further clarification needed.”

Brokers provide a vital resource as employers and employees navigate their benefits options. Ruff notes that according to the 2020-2021 Aflac WorkForces Report, about half of employees said the pandemic was a wake-up call to invest more time researching and selecting the best coverage options for them and their families.

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