• COBRA requirements to take effect March 1

    New health care provisions included in the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act will take effect March 1. The bill, signed by President Obama last week, includes new requirements for COBRA compliance. According to a statement by NAHU, some

  • Obama Speaks to Congress - Prologue II

    OH, and for the record, to subvert the CNN vs. Fox News debate, I'm watching tonight on NBC. Dan Rather's not reporting anywhere, is he?

  • Universal Access Vs. Universal Federal Health Care

    Universal access vs. Universal federal health care. That's a no brainer. But, again, not enough. When it comes to health care, tonight's speeches stuck with me like a bag of M&Ms. Pretty colors and tasty. But I'm already

  • Preparing HR for universal health care

    The election is over and universal health care is on the way. It seems to be a universal moniker for changes to our current system, but a precise definition of the term UHC eludes us. To some, UHC means a single payer, government run system. To

  • More on Reform

    While encouraging electronic health care records is something we've all longed for, it ignores the obstacles HIPPA still presents. Anyone for HIPPA reform? And how is a cure for cancer health care reform? Who's been lobbying against

  • Obama on ... Transparency

    Health care - specifically providers - could learn a lot. We'll see if that translates into practice.

  • Random thoughts ...

    Anyone ever wish we had a House of Lords? There's a reason all the drama reality TV gives us garners such high ratings. I would love it if someone jumped up and started yelling back. Where have you gone, John McCain? Glad he mentioned

  • The Response

    So the Republicans throw up the youngest governor in the country, Louisiana's own? Savvy, if a little transparent. (I mean, is there any more Obama-esque Republican in the ranks?) Um, Gov. Bobby Jindal, we know Obama's story. (But, a

  • One last thought.

    One last thought: Why does transparency only get thrown at the insurance industry? When will we hold the providers to that same standard? Let's open the books of general practitioners, surgeons and emergency rooms.

  • Success with e-mail marketing

    85 percent of people surveyed say they like receiving e-mail from companies they've registered with; even if they don't always read it, it's good to know it will be there when they're ready for it. 70 percent agree if they're in the proces