nurse tends to patient on porch of Walter Reed Hospital in 1918 COVID-19 or Influenza Pandemic of 1918? You’re right, it’s from 102 years ago — this photo shows outdoor hallways at Walter Reed Hospital during the Influenza Epidemic of 1918. (Photo: Shutterstock)

When you compare the coronavirus pandemic in the U.S. to the so-called “Spanish” flu pandemic of 1918, there are some startling similarities as well as huge differences. Take our quiz below and see if you’re surprised by the results.

Research into the 1918 influenza pandemic has revealed some interesting and useful lessons learned. It has also prompted warnings over the years about how unprepared the U.S. is to deal with a pandemic as severe as that — which came true, unfortunately, in 2020. The quiz below offers statistics and facts — your challenge is to decide if they apply to COVID-19, the Spanish Flu, or both. Good luck!